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Roland VH-11 Trigger Problem

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  • Roland VH-11 Trigger Problem

    Hello -

    I am having a problem with the VH-11 Hi-Hat on my Roland TD-12 V-Drums kit. The edge trigger is not consistent. Often, the head sound will trigger instead while playing the edge. (Playing the head, that is, the bow, does consistently trigger the proper sound, however).

    Apparently there is only one set of threshold/sensitivity settings for the VH-11 which affect edge and head/bow equally, so that will not help.

    The problem is worse at lower playing velocities, where playing the edge will almost always trigger the head sound instead.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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    How old is it and what size sticks do you use?

    You could try massaging the rim portion, which has worked in some cases to move internal rubber debris away from where it may be preventing the rim switch from closing.

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      Thank you for the reply...

      The kit is 2 years old. However, I have hardly used it in that time, and have just begun really using it. The problem may have been there from the start, and I just didn't notice since I did not use the kit much.

      I always use relatively light sticks (usually 5A)...

      Where can I find more info on this debris issue and resolution?

      The other drums allow setting the "Rimshot Adjust" parameter, but unfortunately, one cannot set this parameter for the HH!



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        Self-reply which may be of interest to others...

        After spending some time on the phone with Roland, the Roland techs went off and tried out various playing techniques and settings on their test kits.

        Sad news: This trigger inconsistency is a limitation of the design!

        How insensitive (sorry).



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          Interesting that Roland should admit to a design limitation!

          for future reference ... can you expand on what were you trying to play and what 'techniques' are associated with the inconsistent triggering problem you have experienced?
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            Originally posted by Swaledale View Post
            Interesting that Roland should admit to a design limitation!

            for future reference ... can you expand on what were you trying to play and what 'techniques' are associated with the inconsistent triggering problem you have experienced?
            Yes, I was suprised at that...
            The techs conferred and called me back a couple hours later with that admission. They basically said that one can adjust the threshold, but cannot completely get rid of this issue. One has to adjust one's playing style to just hit the edge hard to get the edge sound. Of course, that limits one's ability to play with certain kinds of subtlety!

            Anyway, just to clarify my experience with the VH-11 hi-hat and the TD-12 kit here. Playing on the top (bow) of the hi-hat works very well, feels and triggers the sounds very much like a real hi-hat, whether playing softly or forcefully. It's the edge which gives me trouble. When playing the edge, sometimes it triggers the edge sound (and MIDI note), and sometimes it triggers the head/bow sound (and corresponding MIDI note instead). The softer I play, the worse the false triggering. If I play the edge very softly, the result is completely false triggers of the head/bow instead.

            I am not using any special playing technique or sticks (various sticks around 5A or 7A, nylon or wood tip).

            So: Playing the top feels like a hi-hat. Playing the edge feels like playing with a dysfunctional computer.

            I plan to go try playing the demo unit at the local NYC store (Guitar Center, I guess) to see if the behaviour is the same...

            Are others having similar experiences?



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              One more note:

              Obviously the problem is most painful when one has radically different samples assigned to the bow and edge. For example, the Double Bass kit has the hi-hat triggering either a HH sample or a kick sample. Many of the electronic preset kits also have radically different sounds assigned to the two triggers. So those are the easiest ones to use as test cases...



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                Have you got any other pads you can try this with, ie a CY-8?

                That's what I use for a hat, with a TD-8 module.

                I kind of know what you mean, but it is controllable. It depends what you want to do. When I play accents all on the edge it triggers OK.
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                  Hello again -

                  Following up on this old topic....the problem persists. Does anyone know how to remove the rubber debris ("pixie dust"), if any, from the VH-11? I found discussions on this forum regarding the VH-12 and other cymbals, but none for the VH-11. Do the screws need to be removed? Any secret methods to avoid damage? Thank you for any info....


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                    I know this thread is now quite old but it's the one I found when I was searching a solution to my issue...

                    I have the exact same problem than ZM11 with my VH-11 and TD-12 (except I bought mine almost 5 years ago + I am also using 5A), and didn't have any troubles ever since.

                    It's been a month now since I encountered this problem of head/edge/bow sounds confusion and it's becoming really annoying ; that's why I wanted to ask, as no solution came up on this thread, did anyone find one since 2012 ?

                    I am considering updating my kit as it is now 5 years old but if I can play with it for one or two more years without this kind of issue it'd be just great;

                    Thank's in advance

                    have a good day


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                      Me too! BUMP.


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                        Theoretically thinking, it may be possible (given the likelihood that this is in fact, a design flaw) to treat the cymbal as 1 zone trigger with a response curve to determine if it plays edge or bow sound.

                        The problem the way I see it is; the edge switch is not as sensitive as the piezo trigger for the bow. Therefore, make the bow trigger take over the edge sounds when the edge trigger doesn't pick up the light hits. - I don't know if its possible to crossfade sounds in the modules but it should be possible with MIDI.