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The Same Old SPD-S Question

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  • The Same Old SPD-S Question

    I really don't want to waste anyone's time...

    but I'm having the same problem that at least 5 other people (from what I have read here at the forum) have had when they started using the SPDS

    I made one sample in patch mode and when I tried to make another it said "memory full"

    Now, if Bart or anyone else is reading this please note that I have gone through and initialized/deleted the first 47 patches. I even deleted the 1 patch that I made and I am still getting the "memory full" notification when I press sample.

    I took wave protect off, but before I go and delete all of the waves I just think I should ask to make sure because it seems a little ridiculous to have to do this just to use the machine.

    I don't mind buying a CF card, but I thought I would at least be able to play around with this thing for a little while before I did that.

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    Seems weird cause obviously the memory should not be full. You could try a CF card to see if it solves the problem but quite honestly, I would take it back to Roland or your place of purchase if its still under warranty and get them to look at it as this should not be happening.

    How long have you had your spd-s?
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      John & MR.Stix..
      I just purchased the SPD-S last week and after sampling 9 Tubular Bell Notes (approx 5 seconds each) and one 10 second bite from a CD, got the same message.. memory full..
      this is a brand new unit. I am going to buy a 512mb CF card today, and probably delete any "sounds/waves" I doubt I'll use, but it seeems strange that right out of the box it could only record approx 1 minute of sounds.


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        The internal spd-s memory is limited to 16mb if I remember which already include roland sound, you can check how many second\min left in the spd-s, always better to have compact flash cards , they are very cheap..Sandisk ultra II series are good.
        Chris K

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          With the factory preset waves (i001-i181) still in place, there's only 28 seconds remaining of the internal memory for user sampled waves. (And that's if they're the default Mono and Standard grade; for Stereo or Fine grade waves that reduces to 14 seconds; for Stereo AND Fine grade you only get 7 seconds.)

          Deleting patches (or rather, initializing them to "NewPatch") does not increase the amount of internal memory available for samples. Only deleting some of the preset waves would do that. (Some of the preset waves are stereo, some are 5-10 seconds long and a few are fine grade.)

          But the real answer is to get used to storing your own samples on a CF card, where you can typically have over 10,000 seconds; as opposed to only 360 seconds in the internal memory even if you deleted all preset waves.

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